Anne Marie M

We came to Donna knowing I was a lost bride feeling like I might never find my dream dress. I lost my father a few years ago, and knew this would be an extremely emotional experience. Donna welcomed us into a warm and cozy environment that made it impossible not to get excited. Her style and expertise were exactly what I was looking for, and more! It only took two dresses (the first one, also, incredibly beautiful) until I fount THE dress. A girl who once thought it might be impossible, found it in just two. But it doesn't end there, Donna made sure the magic continued. Once I knew I had found the dress, she adorned me in some of the most beautiful accessories I have ever seen. It was a dream come true, only better than any dream I had ever had. I can't wait to continue the process, and visit Donna and my dress often. I realize this may be a bit long winded- but I highly recommend Donna for the full wedding dress shopping experience. My Mother and I had an amazing time filled with memories to last a life time.

Katie E

I absolutely loved my experience at Donna Morello's. I have never been a girl who envisioned what her 'perfect' wedding dress would be like, and didn't even really know where to begin. I had gone to one other dress store, and found a few dresses that I liked, but nothing that felt perfect. Donna was warm and welcoming to my family and I. Even though one of my sisters could only be present through Facetime. I showed her a few pictures of dresses I thought looked nice and she took it from there. Every dress she showed me was beautiful, but one caught my eye right away. I had never seen a dress like that before. And sure enough, that dress ended up being THE one. Donna hit it right on the mark. A feeling I never thought I would have about a dress, was becoming a reality. I can't thank Donna enough for that.

Lauren H

Donna is wonderful to work with, and being the third one of my sisters to buy a gown from her I can say with certainty that she goes above and beyond to make brides happy. She takes her time listening to what you want and what you like, and is excellent at picking something out (or altering it) just for you. I can't wait to go back for my fittings and see my dress again, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful gown!

Becca S

I knew I was going to like Donna after my first phone conversation with her. When I called to schedule my appointment, she was so sweet and started by asking me a ton of questions about what I was looking for, what type of dress I envisioned, what I liked and didn't like, my budget -- it seriously got me so excited to get this party started! This was only magnified the minute I stepped into Donna's boutique in New Hope, PA. The second I walked through the door, my sister (and maid of honor) mouthed to me, "I LOVE her," and I immediately agreed! From the get-go, Donna made my group (7 of us in all!) feel extremely comfortable. We sat around and sipped champagne while she went over the process and how her store works. Basically, she deals with different designers to bring in dresses you wouldn't normally find in a standard bridal boutique -- which was EXACTLY what I was looking for! If you want something different, go see Donna! She has a great selection of dresses that you're not going to see in any other store you go to, which made finding my dream dress even more exciting. Okay, so let's talk dress. When I say that my entire crew LITERALLY gasped when Donna showed us the back of my dress, I am not exaggerating. I had seen many, many dresses that day, and none of them elicited a reaction that was even close! I had been saying all along that I wanted a dress that was maybe simple in the front but had one element of awesome drama -- like a cool back. This dress was it. The minute I saw it, I KNEW that was it. I had tried on some gorgeous gowns, but this was the one that I had pictured myself in all along. My excitement only grew after I put on the dress, loved it even more, and found out that I would not be ordering it in my size. The dress I was wearing that day was THE actual dress I will be wearing on my wedding day. Because it's one-of-a-kind, it will need some alterations, but Donna assured me that we can get it exactly where it needs to be for my big day. It's going to be absolutely perfect. Of course, I'm sure you're all thinking, "Yeah, the dress might be perfect, but there's no way it's in your budget." Well, my friends, Donna strikes again! When we had a second alone, I nervously asked her how much it was, and she immediately replied "We'll get it in your budget." And she did! I absolutely adore how conscious she is about how much a bride is willing to spend, and how she'll do anything she can to accommodate all budgets. I ended up going back the next day with my mom to officially buy the dress, and Donna actually opened the shop specially to meet with us again. That's another cool thing -- she will only meet with one bride at a time. We actually had a potential customer walk in during my initial appointment, and Donna very graciously let them know that she was not available at the moment but would love to work with them in the future. Okay, I know this review is pretty much a novel at this point, but here's the bottom line: If you're looking to buy your dress from a place that has your very best interest in mind, Donna is your gal. From start to finish, I felt so comfortable with her, and I knew that she would do everything she could to make sure I walked out of there with the dress of my dreams. Plus, she's just a genuinely kind, cool person with uniquely awesome personal style! Seriously. What are you doing still reading this review? Go make your appointment with Donna today! :)

Tainah S

I made an appointment with Donna to come and try a few dresses on. When I spoke with her over the phone I was really clueless on what I wanted. I made her very aware of this over the phone, and she made me feel really comfortable by just saying that she would take her time and help me try on a few different styles. On my first appointment I had my Bridal party with me and she was able to accommodate all of us and made us all feel really relaxed. I tried on a few different styles and did a "show and tell" to my party. It was a lot of fun! Specially seeing everyone's reactions to each dress. Then I tried one the one! My wedding dress! I love everything about my dress! She really knows her stuff and answered my questions before I even asked them. She's very professional. I am looking forward to our first fitting and all the others ones after too. She's very sweet and kind as a person. If your looking for something unique and different this is the place. I can't wait till my wedding day! September 2016 can't come any faster. Thank you Donna!!!!

Lauren K

I cannot compliment or highly recommend Donna Morello enough! She was my very first wedding gown stop and it was the best experience I could have asked for. Prior to my visit, she pulled together a rack of gowns for me to try given my style, wedding theme, and details I was looking for. Each gown I tried on was spot on and was gorgeous. The gowns themselves are all show stoppers and unique! Donna was very calming, educational, sweet, kind, and overall a complete joy to work with! Not only did I get my one of a kind gown from her, but I also did my custom alterations through her, purchased a beautiful hair comb from her array of accessories, had her do a custom job with my mother's veil to a new comb, and I will most definitely have my dress cleaned and preserved through her as well! Everything from start to finish was perfect and Donna is a dream with an exceptional eye for wedding gowns and style. I am so happy with my gorgeous one of a kind gown and I am still receiving so many compliments from my guests! I recommend Donna to any and every bride because it was such a wonderful and deserving bridal experience!

Alicia P

Donna is fabulous! I knew when I spoke to her on the phone to make my appointment she would have my dress. Just from our phone conversation she already seemed to know me and exactly what I was looking for. Donna made me feel so comfortable instantly. The personal attention made all the difference. I wanted a dress that was the perfect balance between a classic wedding dress with just enough edge to make it personal and different. Donna found me the perfect gown. Donna gave me the experience dress shopping that every girl dreams of, found me the perfect dress just for me, and did it all within an affordable price. Donna's enthusiasm and love for what she does shows and makes your experience the best. I have actually joked to my friends that Donna is the wedding gown fairy godmother. Many reviews speak of Donna pulling just the right dress and like magic it just happens to already fit almost perfect as if that dress was meant for that bride. This happened to me as well, like many others. That doesn't happen by luck, there is something almost magical about the experience Donna offers.

Meghan D

I drove 2 hours to go to Donna Morello's boutique and it was well worth the drive!! I went to Donna to look for my wedding dress and I bought the first dress I tried on! Donna and I clicked from the start and she really has a such a warm heart. I brought a large group with me (my mom, future mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt and cousins) and Donna was so accommodating. We had such an amazing time! She spoke with me on the phone before I came in for the appointment about what kind of dress I wanted. She really listened to what I wanted and didn't want in a dress. The first dress she brought out to show us was exactly what I wanted and when I tried it on I absolutely fell in love with it. She worked with my mom and I to customize the bottom of the gown until it was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Donna to everyone!! I definitely had an amazing wedding dress shopping experience and I can't wait to wear my dress on my wedding day.

Kaleigh K

Donna is wonderful! I purchased my dress from her last week, she is truly a wedding dress guru. Her boutique makes you feel like you are in someone's home, it's lovely. She sits and talks with you and from that she knows exactly what dresses are best (and most importantly within your budget). I ended up buying the very first dress I tried on (but not without trying on some others first). When I first tried the dress on I loved it, but I wasn't ready to make the commitment. So being that Donna is so wonderful she said to take my time and come back after I try on some other dresses. So I did just that and nothing compared to the quality and beauty of that first dress. I went back two weeks later and bought the very first dress Donna put me in. I will be recommending her to everyone. Truly a wonderful experience.

Kim H


I was referred to Donna Morello by a very good client and friend who had purchased a dress from Donna a few years ago for her own wedding. At first, I was hesitant to go dress shopping again, because after the first two times at different bridal salons, I had not tried on anything that came close to what I had envisioned for myself on my big day. I know what I like, but as my sister had put it so well, we had never seen a dress that felt like it was meant for me. While speaking with Donna on the phone to make my appointment, she asked me some questions to try to get a sense of my style. She was a pleasure to meet in person as she welcomed me and my two sisters into her shop. We chatted some more about my wedding, went into her showroom, and then she went to pull some dresses for me to see. The first dress she pulled was beautiful and I was excited to try it on immediately. As she brought out each dress, she gauged my reaction, and took in what I liked and disliked about each one. She had quite a few for me to try on and then brought us back into the dressing room. The room felt warm, inviting, and intimate. As she was talking, I kept looking at the dresses she had hung up for me to wear. I was anxiously waiting for her to ask me which one I wanted to try on first. I pointed quickly to the first dress she had pulled for me. As she slipped the dress over my head, I couldn't wait to look into the mirror. The magical moment that every bride dreams of having since she was a little girl, when she puts on "the one", was happening to me. Just writing about this moment now is making me emotional. The dress was perfect. I had never felt more beautiful in a dress. From the color of the dress, the elegant detailing, the exquisite construction, to the way the dress hugged my form, I knew this was the dress I would wear to walk down the aisle to meet my future husband. Donna saw the way the dress made me feel and never rushed me out of the dress to try on another. I didn't want to take it off! I decided it was the one and there was no need to try on anything else. No other dress would be able to compete with this one. When I finally took the dress off, I had to come back down to reality and find out how much the dress was going to cost me. She was so wonderful and assured me that she would make it fit my budget. She came through and I was able to buy the dress of my dreams! Donna was so down to earth. Having Donna find the dress for me was such a magical experience that I felt like she was my very own dress fairy! I highly recommend seeing Donna to find your perfect wedding gown. The whole experience of finding the dress was amazing! Thank you, Donna!